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Getting to Know U16 Player Jonathan Seguin

Left-to-right: Coach Yaques, Head Coach
Redwood & Mentor Coach Jonathan Seguin
during a U10 training session.

Getting to know U16 Player and Mentor-Coach Jonathan Seguin

Monday, March 04, 2013.

During last Wednesdays practice we were able to identify an up and coming futsal player Jonathan Seguin; also known for his excellent training and dedication to the U16 training program. Jonathan has been a tough contender and a player growing into his role on the court & during the FCT U16 program. He has been a crucial player for the squad during league competitions and definitely has been working hard at progressing in the sport. We took time to conduct a Q&A on Jonathan and this is what he had to say:

Why did you choose to take up the game of futsal?

This is my second season playing futsal with Roy Blanche and Lorenzo Redwood. Due to prior commitments I was limited to only training once a week. I chose to play futsal because I enjoy how fast paced the playing is. I’m a small guy so I also choose futsal because there is a lot less contact compared to outdoor soccer. Another reason I decided to play futsal is because I learned that the majority of the Brazilian national team all started by playing futsal, some didn’t change from futsal to outdoor soccer until they were fifteen. Fustal is also a great way to train for outdoor soccer, it helps you with all aspects of the game because you are doing similar things, but it is a smaller space so you have to think faster.
How do you compare it to soccer?

I would say that futsal requires quicker ball movement and speed, while with soccer you have a larger area to send long and through balls. Futsal and soccer are practically two different sports but are very similar. It is played like basketball with formation/coverage like zoning or man to man. Soccer is more of its own marking/formation style. Not all soccer players can play futsal; but most futsal players can play soccer really well.

What have you learned through the mentor program?

The mentor program was a different experience for me; I learned how my coaches feel when they are trying to teach a drill or a play. The players I have coached are very talented and I am happy I am helping them pursue their career in futsal. The mentor program also helped me realize that helping the younger players in any way is vital to the improvement of FCT as they are the future of this club.

Entering into the final 4 games of the Futsal League in Toronto how does FCT sit in the ranks & what do you make of the rest of the season?

Jonathan Seguin during league action vs Caledon

We are currently in third place in the league and I feel that our team has the ability and skill to get to the finals; however, it will require us to take what we learn from practice and implement it into the game. I see the U16 squad in the finals because we have the skill to make it there, but we need to implement it into our play on the court.

You train with the FCT Men’s players once a week, has that experience improved your game? How has it helped you grow as a player?

Training with the men’s team is the best way any younger player could improve. Being able to learn exactly how high level futsal is played is very beneficial and probably has helped the whole U16 squad tremendously. If one of the men’s players saw you do something they think you could improve on they would help you fix the error either during or after the practice.

How can you sum up Head Coach Lorenzo Redwood?

I’ve known Coach Lorenzo for about two years and he is among the best futsal coaches in Canada and provides some of the best training I have ever had. He has been through the whole futsal experience and knows how to train a player to the best of their ability.

You entered into the season working directly with Coach Roy Blanche who is now in the Middle East; please describe his impact on your game?

I have known Coach Roy for two years as well, he knows how to keep a tight ship meaning when it’s time to be serious he doesn’t let anyone fool around. I have only ever played futsal through Roy and the improvement he has made on my playing abilities is substantial. Even though Coach Roy is primarily a national futsal goalie, he managed to be a technical director for one season of outdoor training with another academy and he offers excellent coaching for on-field players as well as keepers.

Coach Alvaro Yaques is a new addition to the staff at FCT how has his training impacted you thus far?

I am just getting to know Coach Alvaro and so far he is definitely very skilled as a futsal player and as a coach. He has some drills that I have never seen before and knows how to improve a player’s game. He is a very technical player and is very committed to helping the players with their technique. He also frowns upon using anything but the sole of the foot to control the ball.

Lorenzo Redwood commented, “Jonathan is a committed to excellency futsal player. He is dedicated to the training and to his own personal improvement on the court. Futsal is a game of system and it is important that you as a player are able to support your team; he is a selfless player and brings out the best in his team mates. He is definitely shaping into the complete futsal player and we look forward to our continued training with Jonathan”.

Mentor coach Jonathan Seguin trains three times a week with the club, assists during Saturday training’s at FCT’s futsal venue and plays in the Toronto Futsal League every Sundays at West Humber Collegiate Institute. Jonathan, Futsal Club Toronto wishes you the best of luck.