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Secured place in the PHFL finals

Futsal Club Toronto secured a place in the finals of the Peel-Halton Futsal League on April 11th after beating London Canadian Futsal Club 12-1 in the Semi-Finals.

The Toronto based team started the game strong, taking advantage of open spaces and the quickness of the forwards to leave London without many defensive options.

“I think we did very well, Semi-finals against a team that made it through, showed up with a few players, but we been training a lot and I think the score shows it.” Said Jonathan Osorio after the game. “I think we have to take every game the same way we took it today, we have to go out strong today and it’s very important to come out good from the start.”

Head coach of Futsal Club Toronto, Roy Blanche has been pushing the team harder and harder every week in practice. There are a lot of goals set by the club to achieve, and Blanche seemed satisfied with the performance displayed by his team in this important game.

“We know London is a fast team, very young and very full of energy. Unfortunately today they did not have a full squad but it worked out for us, it was a good result for us but there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Blanche. “We made some huge mistakes there in the first half that could of cost us but overall it was positive. It’s always good to score a lot of goals, it was very strong defensively but still a few things need to be done.

The club is currently working on making it to Costa Rica to represent Canada in the CONCACAF tournament, but still need to win six more games in order to get there. Head coach Blanche says the right work is being done and they are on the right path.

“We have about six games to get to where we want to get to in Costa Rica, it’s not easy and it’s not going to be a walk in the park. We are going to look over our mistakes, we have ten days to prepare and we are going to fix up everything we slipped up on today.”

FCT now face Barrie FC in the League finals on April 25th at 7pm in their home stadium, Canlan.

Andy Quintanilla says they are on the right path to win the rest of the games and the hard work they put in week after week is paying off and showing up on the results.

“We did exactly what we said we would do before the game, we worked on our defence coming back, opening up space and shooting a lot,” says Quintanilla. “Throughout the game it developed and with the score in the end you can see our tactics worked, we have to prepare now for the finals work just as hard and bring in the same attitude to the next game.”