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2015 Intercontinental Futsal Cup

19381053105_32a6cd56ee_o The worlds greatest clubs will compete in the Intercontinental Futsal Cup in Erechim, Brasil with the hope of being crowned 2015 Intercontinental Futsal Cup Champions

Press Release courtesy of / Atlantic Erechim / CBFS

An official event on Friday, July 3rd announced the participants of the 2015 World Futsal Club Championship better known as the 2015 Intercontinental Futsal Cup.

Atlantico Erechim, the 2014 Libertadores Futsal Cup Champions, are the organizing club; President of CER Atlantic, Julio Brondani stated that this is a unique event and the most prestigious title a futsal club may seek. This is a unique event that will commemorate the 100th year of Atlantico Erechim’s club existence.

Futsal director Cladir Dariva made the official presentation for the competition, which will begin on 31 August; on July 11th the official match schedule and groups were announced in an official draw. Tickets sales for this years event will be released August 6th. Dariva, also recalled the efforts made on behalf of Atlantico Erechim in preparation for the competitions lauch, “We planned the possibility of one day living this moment. We worked hard to reach the achievements we have made on the court and again more recently in search of enabling this global event to take place at our club,” he added.

The Competition

Sharing the court during the 2015 Intercontinental Futsal Cup will be the 2014 UEFA Futsal Cup Champions and current Intercontinental Champions, Kairat Almaty Futsal Club from Kazakhstan, Futsal Club Toronto representing Canada and the CONCACAF Region, representing the Persian Gulf, Al Dhafra from the United Arab Emirates, representing Africa is Egyptian team Misr Lelmakkasa and host Atlantico Erechim, champion of the 2014 Copa Libertadores Futsal Cup.

The games will take place between August 31 and September 5, with the first phase taking place between the 31st and the 4th, the Finals and third place competition will be stages on the 5th of September.

In the first phase, all clubs play each other and the two top teams will make the final.

Brazilian History

Brazil has been selected as the host country for the 2015 Intercontinental Futsal Cup for the fourth time, it is a competition that is played yearly and is organized by FIFA.

Brazil and Spain have both lifted the Intercontinental Futsal Cup in six occasions followed by Russia and Kazakhstan; by teams like, Carlos Barbosa (Brazil), Inter Movistar, Caja Segovia (Spain), MFK Dinamo Moskva (Russia) and AFC Kairat (Kazakhstan).



Tournament: 2015 Intercontinental Futsal Cup
Organizing club: CER Atlantic Erechim
Committee: Brazilian Confederation of Futsal (CBFS)19374906642_44b209e71c_o
Host City: Erechim, RS
Dates: August 31 to September 5, 2015
Venue: CER Atlantic in Erechim – RS
Capacity: 3,000 spectators
Official website:
Blog Official Press:
High resolution photos for press:


– Atlantic APTI URI Erechim – Champion of the Libertadores Cup in 2014

– Futsal Club Toronto (Canada) – Representative of the CONCACAF (North and Central)

– Futsal Club Kairaty Almaty (Kazakhstan) – UEFA Champion 2014 Champion

– Lemakkasa Club Misr (Egypt) – representative of Africa

– Al Dhafra Club Sport Games Company LLC (United Arab Emirates) – representative of the Persian Gulf


31 August 2015
Game #1 – Al Dhafra Club x Misr Lelmakkasa
Game #2 – Atlântico Erechim x Kairat Almaty
Bye: Futsal Club Toronto

 01 September 2015
Game #3 – Futsal Club Toronto x Al Dhafra Club
Game #4 – Atlântico Erechim x Misr Lelmakkasa
Bye: Kairat Almaty

02 September 2015
Game #5 – Misr Lelmakkasa x Kairat Almaty
Game #6 – Atlântico Erechim x Futsal Club Toronto
Bye: Al Dhafra Club

03 September 2015
Game #7 – Kairat Almaty x Futsal Club Toronto
Game #8 – Atlântico Erechim x Al Dhafra Club
Bye: Misr Lelmakkasa

04 September 2015
Game #9 – Misr Lelmakkasa x Futsal Club Toronto
Game #10 – Al Dhafra Club x Kairat Almaty
Bye: Atlântico Erechim

FINALS – 05 September 2015
Game #11 – Quarter Finals
Game #12 – Finals


1996 – Headquarters: Porto Alegre – Champion International, vice Barcelona
1997 – Headquarters: Moscow (Russia) – Champion: MFK Dinamo, vice: International
1998 – Headquarters: Moscow (Russia) – Champion: Atletico MG, vice: MFK Dinamo
1999 – Headquarters: Moscow (Russia) – Champion: Ulbra (Brazil), vice: MFK Dinamo
2000 – Headquarters: Moscow (Russia) – Champion: Caja Segovia (Spain), vice: Atletico MG
2001 – Headquarters: Moscow (Russia) – Champion: ACBF, vice: MFK Dinamo (Russia)
2004 – Headquarters: Barcelona (Spain) – Champion: ACBF, vice: Playas de Castellon (Spain)
2005 – headquarters: Ciudad Real (Spain) – Champion: Interviú (Spain), vice: Malwee / Jaragua
2006 – Headquarters: Brusque (Brazil) – Champion: Interviú (Spain), vice: Malwee / Jaragua
2007 – Headquarters: Portimão (Portugal) – Champion: Interviú (Spain), vice: Malwee / Jaragua
2008 – Headquarters: Granada (Spain) – Champion: Interviú (Spain), vice: Malwee / Jaragua
2011 – Headquarters: Madrid (Spain) – Champion: Inter Movistar (Spain), vice: ACBF
2012 – Headquarters: Carlos Barbosa (Brazil) – Champion: ACBF, vice: Inter Movistar (Spain)
2013 – Headquarters: Greensboro (England) – Champion: Dynamo Moscow (Russia), vice: ACBF
2014 – Headquarters: Almaty (Kazakhstan) – Champion: Kairaty (Kazakhstan), vice: Dynamo Moscow (Russia)