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Festival Format Changes 2016

Courtesy of the OSA

As a reminder, during the 2016 season and moving forward U-11 programs and U-12 programs will be eligible for one-day festivals only, plus two memorable events as per the matrix.

To keep things in perspective, here are the changes regarding Festival Definitions.

Procedure 9.0 – Festival Definitions

9.1 A Festival shall consist of a series of games played under the following format as per The OSA’S Operational Procedures:

a) played on one day; (NOTE: During 2015, the OSA will phase out the 2014 pilot project of two day festivals for U-11 and U-12 age groups. 2015 will only permit U-12 age groups to participate in two day festivals)

b) played without the recording of scores and standings;

c) which prohibits trophies or awards with the exception of participation mementos

d) U-6 teams will play 3v3 with no goalkeeper

e) U-7 or U-8 teams will play 4v4 with no goalkeeper or 5v5 with a goalkeeper

f) U-9 and/or U-10 teams will play 7v7 with a goalkeeper;

g) U-11 and/or U-12 teams will play 9v9 with a goalkeeper.

A festival equates to one competition day. The maximum competition days, per outdoor season, are 20.

If you have any questions please contact Bobby Lennox, Manager of Player Development.