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Summer Camp & Sylvan Learning

2019 Summer Camp has kicked off this week with an educational spin thanks to Sylvan Learning Center. A ton of fun is headed their way and we do not only mean soccer fun.

Athletes attend Sylvan’s STEM Program 3-days a week prior to training and are focusing on different everyday skills through activities that grow our athletes. From coding video games to building robots, the STEM activities are hands-on and they are a blast. (Best of all, the kids don’t even realize they’re learning.) Athletes work in a team and together they plan, build and problem solve. It’s a cool way to encourage creativity and build collaboration skills while incorporating soccer training in the late mornings.

Sylvan Day # of Learning


They were introduced to Scratch coding. The students were able to create algorithms (a step-by-step set of operations to be performed to help solve a problem). They learned the importance of sequence in coding – Computers read and perform commands in order from top to bottom (order matters!)  They were able to use conditionals to control what happens in their projects, they created loops to make things happen more than once, used events to control when things happen in their projects. They also created some cool motions and sound.


The boys learned about Speed – it is a measure of long it takes  to move a certain distance. They learned that speed was an exact measurement with two factors – distance and time. They learned the terms force, acceleration, velocity. The students then applied what they learned to conduct experiments. They attached a balloon to a toy car and used different surfaces to measure the car’s speed.

Summer Camp Schedule (Tues – Thurs July 2 – Aug 29th)

08:30-10:00 STEM Classes (Sylvan Learning Centre)

10:00-16:30 Soccer Training at Huron Park 11v11 Fields.