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Role of Futsal Goalies On Court

Goalkeeping requires a combination of skill, athleticism, and decision making skills. A Futsal goalkeeper learns all these things in the game of Futsal with the added advantage that they learn to react faster because the ball does move faster along the court. Goalies are more involved in the game because of the small spaces being played on and they are used as a deadly fifth attacker. Overall their reaction time increases as they receive more shots on net.

Want More Details?

In futsal goalkeepers play a very important role, even more important than in football (soccer). In an 11 a side game the pitch is very big and there are 22 players on it. If a team is much better than their opponent the goalkeeper usually won’t have to make any saves. In futsal things are different. The pitch is small there are only 10 players on it and the goalkeeper can throw the ball in front of the opposite goal which means that a team can play very low defense and make counter attacks with their goalkeeper throwing the ball onto the other side of the pitch. Some experts say that a very good goalkeeper is half of the team in futsal.

A goalkeeper is a very special position and has to be trained differently than other futsal players. Back in the day a goalkeeper’s role was to prevent the ball from entering into the goal. In futsal today, the goalkeeper is a bigger part of the equation. He has to have exemplary footwork, he has to act like a fifth defender when it comes to long balls and he has to be incorporated into some of the attacking plays. Today if we look at a futsal match we see that the goalkeeper is actively taking part in the game. We can appreciate that a goalkeeper has to be good with his hands, for keeping the ball away from the goal, and he has to be good with his feet, in order to help his teammates in defense or when setting up an attack. As well, a good futsal goalkeeper has to have the knowledge and ability to position his players in the defense; solely, because he his the last line of defense and has a panoramic view of all players on the pitch.

Achieving all the above mentioned skills is very difficult and demands a lot of training. It is important that trainings consist of exercises that improve different goalkeeping skills. It is recommended that more emphasis be made on proper positioning on the pitch and stopping the ball with the arms. When achieving the basics starting with ball distribution with the hands and feet and defense play is a start. We must not forget that even after achieving some level of goalkeeping skills there must be continuous training in order to retain or improve their skills.