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Parent & Spectator Policy

Futsal Club Toronto seeks to create an atmosphere for our players to learn more about futsal, soccer and themselves.  We know the vast majority of parents intend to be supportive and set a good example for their children.  This policy is meant to channel parental enthusiasm in a way that is supportive for the players and coaches.

The Board is taking this action to curb inappropriate parent behavior.  The adoption of this policy follows board discussions on the issue resulting from an increase in incidents of behavior at our club’s games.  Examples of these inappropriate behaviors include openly criticizing referees, arguing with other teams’ parents, and angrily confronting coaches.  They all set a bad example for our children and undermine our club’s reputation in the Peel Halton community.

In drafting the policy, we reviewed the best practices from other clubs in the surrounding area at which the behavior of supporters demonstrated the positive environment we strive to cultivate and promote.  We have also noted extreme behavior by other club parents/spectators and do not want FCT to be perceived as those clubs can be perceived.

Of particular concern is the treatment of referees. Everyone would like to have the best officiating possible.  Unfortunately, incidents of abuse and harassment of referees in out soccer community are causing significant referee attrition.  The adoption of this policy is also intended to prevent this type of behavior from becoming a part of the culture of our club and to do what we can to keep our young referees involved with the game.