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“The players selected during the process demonstrated exceptional soccer skills and a commitment to excellence, and we would like to express our gratitude for the cooperation from your club. A special thank you goes out to the coaches for  instilling values and emphasizing attributes that align with  Toronto FC’s vision. It is a testament to Futsal Club Toronto’s soccer philosophy and hard work that these players come prepared and energized for the next stage of their player development pathway, and ready to take on any obstacles that may stand in their way these are the qualities we are looking for in the next generation of young soccer players, which will contribute to the growth of soccer in Ontario”.

Greg Vanney Technical Director & Head Coach-Toronto FC




Before joining the TFC Academy (U11), our son Andrei Dumitru had played for FCT for over three years. During that time, he had improved his technique, developed a stronger work ethic, and acquired better decision-making skills. He fully enjoyed the coaching, the atmosphere, and the overall guidance that he had received from the club. We could tell that he was happy to go to practice and get prepared for games. Overall, it was an experience that helped him advance towards his goal of becoming a better player. As parents, we cannot be happier than that.






Our journey with FCT started 4 years ago when we were looking for something or someone that would further develop our son Matteo’s soccer skills beyond what we were offered at our local club.  We had visited other clubs to see what they could offer but when we saw examples of the sport of Futsal being played, and learned that many of the world’s greatest soccer players had origins in Futsal, we knew we landed in the right place with the best that Canada could offer in the sport of Futsal led by Roy Blanche.

Since then, we’ve been pleased every step of the way with the level of professionalism, coaching and mentorship that Coach Roy and team have demonstrated.  Roy’s intimate and comprehensive knowledge of Futsal and how to teach it is responsible for improving the skills and abilities of all the players on the team and which eventually propelled many of the kids from our first year team in achievements beyond what they thought they could accomplish at an early age.

If you are a parent just starting out in the sport of soccer, I highly recommend FCT as a valuable resource to guide you through the oftentimes perplexing parenting decisions you will be faced with as your child encounters both success and failure.  Coach Roy always has your child’s best interests at heart and knows how to communicate to provide ongoing positive yet constructive feedback in an effort to develop your child to their fullest potential.

Matteo’s love of the sport has only grown since being with FCT and I am certain that his passion will continue to grow as he moves forward under Roy’s tutelage.

As Matteo’s futsal and soccer journey continues,  I hope and encourage Matteo to pay forward his many learnings to the new generation of futsal players that embark on the same journey he did four years ago.  Of this, I will be most proud.  And it all started with FCT.  Many thanks to Roy Blanche and team…..

A special thank you to Mr Alvaro Yaques who also played an integral part in Matteo’s early development.  His strong leadership and fun loving approach to developing our youth is inspiring.

Matteo-U13 Divison


Futsal has been an important component in Nicholas’ development. The use of both feet, fast ball movement, fast brain, lots of ball touches and rotation is perfect for the outdoor midfielder. Futsal is the perfect development tool as the player can be an attacker, defender and play-maker on the same shift (Total Futbol). Nicholas has been fortunate to have trained with Futsal Club Toronto since U11. Futsal Club Toronto is unique as the environment is always professional. Coaches come from the ranks of national and international professional players and as such are demanding of quality and commitment. Nicholas is proud to have trained under Roy Blanche, & Alvaro Yaques, and hopes to continue the relationship.

-Bob Lum (U14 Parent)

2015 Ontario Futsal Cup U14 Champion

2015 Ontario Cup Semi Finalist


What a great interview.  Roy is a fantastic coach.  All the coaches and staff at Futsal Club Toronto are awesome.  My son started playing futsal with FCT a couple of years ago and loves it.  He has improved so much from when he played competitive soccer. He gets a lot more playing time and so many more touches on the ball.  Futsal is so fast paced and so exciting.  I really hope for my son’s sake that it becomes more popular in Canada. I know that with Roy’s passion and enthusiasm for the sport that it can be done.  Keep up the great work Roy!

-Richard Bond

I have been watching the live games of FCT with the Areez and Zaynah.

The games have been very exciting and great to watch as they raise the heartbeat with every move.
The quality of the broadcast is excellent.

We are very proud to be part of FCT and of the men’s team for showing such strong competition and for standing up against the best teams in the world.

Give our best to Roy and tell him that the kids want him to keep up the spirit as he has to prepare the next generation of players.

Your dedication to help raise the level of play for every youth at FCT is very much appreciated and can be clearly seen by all.

-Al Bhanji (U10/U12 Parent)

My son has been with FCT for 2 years now and just loves it.  Everyone involved is so passionate and enthusiastic about the sport and they pass that love down to all the players.  Your hard work, dedication and commitment to developing futsal is very inspiring.  FCT’s vision for the sport and its growth and the focus on the development of the player is phenomenal.  It is great to see all the smiling faces out on the court from all the players and the coaches.  My son was always a great soccer player and played rep soccer for a reputable club but somewhere along the way he lost the passion for the game. Thanks to FCT he got his passion back and is better than ever before.  He always liked soccer but now he loves futsal.  His skill and confidence levels have improved both on and off the court. Thank you Roy and everyone else at FCT for the excellent work that you do.  I truly admire all your hard work and will forever be indebted to you for everything that you have done for him and for bringing him back to his full potential.  If it wasn’t for FCT I know that he would have quit playing. You guys rock!  Keep up the fantastic work.

-Ana Brito (U15 Parent)